Social Responsibility


Being socially responsible company, our core values at Capital Sports are Health, Safety and Environmental performances and these are managed as an integral part of our business.


1- To protect nature and environment from the bad impacts of our activities and products by eliminating all Health, Safety and Environmental Hazards.

2- To comply with our country"s laws and requirements of our valued customers on Health, Safety, Environment and Labour Issues.

HSE Plan (Health, Safety, Environment):

To implement our policy and objectives, we have documented a plan on HSE and Labour issues. Some elements of the plan are:

a) Management Responsibility:

Our companys management fulfills its responsibility of providing necessary resources to ensure HSE compliance.

b) Child Labour:

We strictly observe the minimum age limit conditions of our country�s labour law i.e 15 years but as a precaution we provide employment to the adult workers only on production of official age proof

c) Duty Hours:

Workers are required to work 48 normal hours a week and maximum 60 hours including overtime followed by complete rest for 24 hours.

d) Wages & Benefits:

We do not pay below the minimum wage limit of our local labour law. We provide to our workers all of those facilities which are mandatory under the labour laws i.e. Gratuity, Bonus, Medical Coverage, Old Age Pension, Annual Leaves, Group Insurance, Casual & Medical Leaves, etc.

e) Discrimination:

We don�t believe in any kind of discrimination based on sex, race, religion, belief, caste or creed, etc.

f) Honour & Dignity:

We give full respect to every employee and no one is subjected to any physical, psychological or verbal harassment or abuse.

g) Health:

We have provided First Aid facilities to our employees under the supervision of qualified and trained personnel. Hygienic conditions are strictly observed in the offices, factory building and stitching centres. We are also OHSAS-18001 certified.

h) Safety:

We have made some safety systems for the safety of employees, buildings, stocks, machinery, equipments, etc. Some of these are: Fire Extinguishers System, Fire Alarm System, Smoke Detection System, Water Hydrant System, No Smoking, Emergency Illumination and Exit Direction Signs System.

i) Environment:

We have addressed all the environmental issues in our factories very successfully and, therefore have been granted the ISO 14001 certification by a famous Swiss Certification Body, SWISO International.

j) Community Involvement:

As our social contribution to society, we participate actively in the welfare activities of local as well as international NGOs working in our area. We sponsor a football team and health club to promote healthy activities among the youths of our locality. We also run a charitable trust with annual budget around four million rupees which supports schools, hospitals, dispensaries, students, widows, needy and poor persons, etc.