• Capital Ultimate Football
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Capital Ultimate Football

  • High Quality Synthetic Leather with Enamel Finish
  • Hand Stitched
  • Supply & Highly Scuff Resistant
  • Water Repellent
  • Balanced & Good Air Retention
  • Meet FIFA Quality specifications
  • Available in sizes: 3,4 & 5
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This is a high-end ball with scuff and abrasion resistance on a soft microfiber base. It is reinforced with a strong warp/weft matched (WWM) stretch resistant, cross-wise laminated fabric layers for batter shape control. These are cross hand-stitched with pre-stretched polyster thread.

The expansion of ball even after use is well within range. The ball is soft, supple, and has great dynamic properties. The flight behavior is consistently predictable and well balanced.Water uptake is quite on the lower side. For the US market, we may fit it with butyl bladder as longer air retention is desired there, although for EU market, we normally fit with latex bladder as latex bladders have better playing characteristics.

The ball also has anti-skid properties which helps it to "hold" in a long shoot. It also has a better feel and has more forgiveness. The construction is such that the compression seems to be greater which helps in imparting required spin and swirl.